A Healthy Smile

The modern Jamaican woman is highly respected. She hold positions of great power and influence. She enjoys a much better standard of living than her predecessors and in some instances have advance far beyond the status of some men.

She is strong, courageous, disciplined, empathetic, persistent and is further endowed with vision, faith, love and all the qualities one would require in a good wife and mother of the future generations.


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How Will You Feel?

How will you feel, when you slaughter your own future, knowing that she could be your own daughter?

How will you feel, when in the midst of killing a little one, when you are about to do away with him, you hear him say “Dad give me chance”?

How will you feel, when you look around and see none of the future?

Then you start to wonder why must I do this to our own future?

Just stop and think how you can stop this disaster!

Then you don’t have wonder, how will feel?


Written by Zona

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The Mind

There is a powerful force that lives within our mind. It is like the roar of rushing waters and peals of thunder! It whispers like the cool wind. It lets us imagine good or evil things. But what place does imagination have in the plan and design of things, if it is liable to mislead ones thinking. Still it is the stimulator of our thoughts and the activator of the creative power within. The mind gives us the courage to cry tenderly for joy and healing, makes us human enough to make mistakes, sincere enough to admit them, strong enough to solve them, flexible enough to grasp the tangle.


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A Mother’s Gift

To my baby Wayne aka Singy Singy from District Prison: There is a curve called girlfriends, red lights called enemies, speed bumps called friends, caution lights called family. You will have flats called jobs but if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, insurance called faith and a driver called Jesus, you will make it to a place called success.

To my daughter, my love, life and heartbeat. This is a special gift that you can never see, the reason it’s so special is; It’s just for you Shannon, from me. Whenever you are happy or even feeling blue. You only have to feel this gift and know I think of you. You can never unwrap it, please leave this ribbon tied. Just hold it close to your heart it’s filled with love inside.

From Dana @ Fort Augusta.

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