The Mind

There is a powerful force that lives within our mind. It is like the roar of rushing waters and peals of thunder! It whispers like the cool wind. It lets us imagine good or evil things. But what place does imagination have in the plan and design of things, if it is liable to mislead ones thinking. Still it is the stimulator of our thoughts and the activator of the creative power within. The mind gives us the courage to cry tenderly for joy and healing, makes us human enough to make mistakes, sincere enough to admit them, strong enough to solve them, flexible enough to grasp the tangle.

Ladies: I want you to refuse to believe in the word impossible. When life seems empty and you feel there will be no tomorrow and loneliness begins, do not worry, forget all those sorrows because you can conquer it all and make it a better tomorrow.

My Sisters: How you are thinking today determines what you will be and where you will be tomorrow. They can shackle your feet, they can shackle your hands, they can imprison your body; only you can shackle your mind. Respect life and allow your mind to flow. To all the ladies at Fort Augusta Adult Correctional Centre. Especially the S.E.T sisters:

These are words of inspiration from Your S.E.T Brothers at South Camp Adult Correctional Centre.

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