Forgive is to Forget

Question & Answers: Imagination is that faculty of mind that enables us to form in our inner consciousness a mental image or picture of what we want; it is the means of making our desires specific.

We learn by experience how not to do things, as well as how to do them. When learning to profit from the experiences of others, why should you make the same mistakes others have made? If you observe in advance that a path they have taken has led them up a “dead-end street,” use your intelligence as well as your faith in facing life and its problems!

How can one get out from under ones feelings? A feeling of chaos. You do so by eliminating your confused and distressed thinking.

We have formed the bad habit of paying too much attention to unimportant details and happenings, building them up into mountains and obstacles in our mind. Without realizing that we are doing ourselves great harm, retaining the bitter memory of these experiences that we are not just hurting those who have hurt us, nearly so much as we are hurting ourselves.

Review what has happened in your in mind. Then picture in your mind’s eye.You should by now realize what you should have said and done. So therefore, assume your share of the blame and responsibility.

However, to justify this, you may want to hold malice against your friends and loved ones. Let go now of all your hate and resentment. Know and believe that the law of recompense will take care of them, eventually for their misdeeds and wrong thinking.

By realizing that if your attention is fixed on the past and it’s unhappiness and losses, you can never recover. You are holding yourselves back from receiving new resources, new opportunities and new experiences of a happy nature.

Remember, “Like attracts like” and you have been attracting a reputation of miserable feeling, as you have loved these experiences over and over. It isn’t worth it. It will destroy all your health and happiness, unless you abandoned the old mind and a new positive attitude emerges.

My heart is love and it helps to stimulates my mind to do the things which is right. The two join together as one, making life worthwhile living forever.

Written By Norris Gordon…

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