Wrong are they!

A poem to: Miss Marsha

Wrong are they! Wrong are they! Wrong are they who says “it is something good when someone dies” and that we should dance and not weep instead.

How can I dance when my precious aunt is now dead? The same aunt to who I went and said, isn’t it true that if I continue to be one of the good guys that I will obtain everything this song I’ll sing said I should? Then I began and with all the melody I had (Good guys get all the girls! Good guys get all the fame!! Good guys get a little sunshine in their world, and my life is gone be the same!) Then I stand in front her looking head high to the direction of the sun.

My height was just below your belly.

I then leaned around looked up in her face to find her trying to hold back the laugh; her eyes filled with tears! But then she looked at my face and saw that I was very serious about what I was asking her, so she hurrily held herself back together: and knowing from her knowledge that I didn’t have a clue about what that song really said, she just gave me a big hug and squeezed me tenderly! Then answered “yes Gerald! You just continue to work very hard to remain as one of the good guys and I promise you that you’ll get everything your little heart desires! But there just one thing!” So I hurrily ask her what that was? And she answered: “you must promise me that from all the ladies you’ll only choose one! And love her with all your heart.” Then with a look of disappointment which was quickly replaced.

By a big smile I answered:

Yes Aunt! I do promise you.

Because that’s the example a good guy should set!!!


Wrong are they! Wrong are they!! Wrong are they who says “it is something good when someone dies.”

Gerald Muirhead – Tower Street

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