Penitentiary Entry

meon Shepherd -GP- Penitentiary entry No job creation
no room for a little hustling,
surely is a penitentiary entry.

Economical stress,
poverty is not at rest,
inflation puff its ugly chest,
another sure room for penitentiary entry.

Heads of government!
There is a lot of room for improvement,
please stop this penitentiary entry.

Gun in hand,
man look a food fin yam,
Youngman please understand,
dat route is not for you man!!
Although poverty ridden,
money stricken,
don’t go killing across the country,
that’s a penitentiary entry.

Private Sector! Entrepreneurs!!
There is space for expansion,
let’s create some job no man?
So that we can stop this penitentiary entry.

Mr. Gun man, Mr. Knife man,
what dat in you han?
Put dung dat nuh man,
yu a mash up di plan,
me a beg unnu stop!
Look in a unnu self;
that route is a penitentiary entry.

Mr big man,
mr. don man,
Mr. politician,
do something nuh man!
Yu nuh see dem a mash up di can?
Di weapon soon tun pan unnu same one,
so wid knowledge in unnu han me a beg unnu,
stop di penitentiary entry nuh man!!
Cowboy lunch time nah issue again.

By: Simeon Shepherd

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