This is Thought

This is thought.

If I could sing I would sing my troubles away, but the thing is, I can’t, so I write because I got to let people know where God has brought me from, whichever way I do it.

Why me? Everyday I ask God why me, then I remember these words: “should Christ carry the cross and the whole world go free” so I STOP wallowing in self pity/ questioning God.


Human Cage

A caged bird cannot pick blossom from the tree nor catch worms from the soil.

I am a human being who is like a caged bird.

I am locked behind steel bars in a prison cell where I am forced against my will to live in subhuman bondage.

The only belongings I have in my possession in this five by ten prison cell are: a little pisspot, a small enamel mug full of chips, a bar of carbolic soap, a broken toothbrush, a teethless comb, a pinch of salt that I use as toothpaste, an old worn out pair of slippers, some torn magazines, and a stick of crayon that I use to draw and colour portraits of faces and various places that I see in my vision.


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