Take Off Your Masks

For some of us, it is you who make us unhappy with ourselves and our achievement. You think we need another partner because yours is not good enough. You think we need more expensive clothes because yours is too old and boring. We are ashamed of your job and who you are.

We are ashamed of how you are running the country, why don’t you take off your masks and see that what you are doing is wrong. We have a big problem in this country with crime and violence and it will not stop if you don’t take off your masks and open your eyes and see that the country is going down, please open your eyes please.


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Penitentiary Entry

meon Shepherd -GP- Penitentiary entry No job creation
no room for a little hustling,
surely is a penitentiary entry.

Economical stress,
poverty is not at rest,
inflation puff its ugly chest,
another sure room for penitentiary entry.

Heads of government!
There is a lot of room for improvement,
please stop this penitentiary entry.

Gun in hand,
man look a food fin yam,
Youngman please understand,
dat route is not for you man!!
Although poverty ridden,
money stricken,
don’t go killing across the country,
that’s a penitentiary entry.



Why is it that there are so many “why”s in black people life?
Have you ever questioned those why? Asking questions such as why this, why that, and what if?

“Why primary and secondary education can’t be free?”
“Why are so many children carrying their mother last name?”
“Why is there no shelter for the shelterless?”
“Why is there not enough Medicine and nourishment for the needed and the sick?”
“Why can’t all infants be cared for?”
“Why can’t all the elderly be protected?”
“Why they have to make life so complicated?”


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A Healthy Smile

The modern Jamaican woman is highly respected. She hold positions of great power and influence. She enjoys a much better standard of living than her predecessors and in some instances have advance far beyond the status of some men.

She is strong, courageous, disciplined, empathetic, persistent and is further endowed with vision, faith, love and all the qualities one would require in a good wife and mother of the future generations.


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