Human Cage

A caged bird cannot pick blossom from the tree nor catch worms from the soil.

I am a human being who is like a caged bird.

I am locked behind steel bars in a prison cell where I am forced against my will to live in subhuman bondage.

The only belongings I have in my possession in this five by ten prison cell are: a little pisspot, a small enamel mug full of chips, a bar of carbolic soap, a broken toothbrush, a teethless comb, a pinch of salt that I use as toothpaste, an old worn out pair of slippers, some torn magazines, and a stick of crayon that I use to draw and colour portraits of faces and various places that I see in my vision.


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Don’t Give Up

DON’T GIVE UP The phone is ringing, bad news keeps coming but don’t give up.

Life is pressing! Stress keeps coming, you feel frustrated but don’t give up you can make it.

When discouragement comes. You feel like letting go but don’t give up my friend you can make it .

Just trust God let him do it.


Written By: Zona Lunnan

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My Thoughts

I thought that being in prison would be tough, that all the love and strength I have wouldn’t be enough to get me through this trying time, but to be honest. I’m doing just fine.

If I could go back and change what I’ve done, I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t be strong. This place has made me see what a bright future there is in store for me. It has made me appreciate my family and friends. I have learn to forgive and made amends. We all lose our way in life, we all at times suffer pain and strife; but it’s not how you fall that counts it’s how you get up. People may never come to prison and change their ways; sometimes their freedom is worst than their incarcerated days. I’d rather be here and know my spirit is free than be outside with the devil in me. So when you think of me being locked up in here; smile to yourself and give me a cheer because you’ll know that I’ll be okay for as sure as the sun lets off it’s rays, I will be home one day.

Written By Rachel…..

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“Life is just a bowl of cherries”

You might be wondering what am I talking about. Life is just a bowl of cherries. To be very honest with you the thought came to me when I ended up in prison. I honestly thought my life was over, knowing I got 10 years at the age of 19. My mind was so jumbled I just don’t know what to do knowing I was sent to prison innocently; but after UNDERSTANDING what life is all about, I came to the conclusion that “life is just a bowl of cherries.”


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A Healthy Smile

The modern Jamaican woman is highly respected. She hold positions of great power and influence. She enjoys a much better standard of living than her predecessors and in some instances have advance far beyond the status of some men.

She is strong, courageous, disciplined, empathetic, persistent and is further endowed with vision, faith, love and all the qualities one would require in a good wife and mother of the future generations.


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