A Message from the Heart

Why should an individual make the same mistakes as others? Is it because we are not using up our aptitude to face life and its problems? Behind all of this, we’re all imperfect as a people.

There are individuals in the prisons, some of whom are innocent, and the others guilty. However, many of the guilty ones want to make a positive change in spite of all the things they have done to humanity and society, but how can we repair all those pain, grief, and losses we had caused when we’re not getting the opportunity to do so? On the other hand, there are some individuals who think that we should not be forgiven. So if we have to suffer the consequences, then what about those individuals who are innocent and unfortunately get caught in the system?


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Penitentiary Entry

meon Shepherd -GP- Penitentiary entry No job creation
no room for a little hustling,
surely is a penitentiary entry.

Economical stress,
poverty is not at rest,
inflation puff its ugly chest,
another sure room for penitentiary entry.

Heads of government!
There is a lot of room for improvement,
please stop this penitentiary entry.

Gun in hand,
man look a food fin yam,
Youngman please understand,
dat route is not for you man!!
Although poverty ridden,
money stricken,
don’t go killing across the country,
that’s a penitentiary entry.


Letter to the Youths

In the days of old, the question was asked: “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?” It is a question that is probably still unanswered today. As it relates to Students Expressing Truth (S.E.T), we were yet widely awakened to the reality that although the bad may out number the good, there are still good people within the precincts of these wall. The good in individuals is never always a natural inclination but often through adoption. Therefore (S.E.T) possesses the real good qualities. We take on the responsibility of helping to mold someone else’s life so they can realize their real worth as well as their true potential.


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How Will You Feel?

How will you feel, when you slaughter your own future, knowing that she could be your own daughter?

How will you feel, when in the midst of killing a little one, when you are about to do away with him, you hear him say “Dad give me chance”?

How will you feel, when you look around and see none of the future?

Then you start to wonder why must I do this to our own future?

Just stop and think how you can stop this disaster!

Then you don’t have wonder, how will feel?


Written by Zona

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